Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer

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Professor for Accounting and Managerial Control


  • Office Hours:  Monday 11.00 - 12.00 (only during the semester)
  • Office 04.636, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, A-1090 Wien
  • T: +43-1-4277 - 38002
  • E-Mail: thomas.pfeiffer@univie.ac.at


  • 1994: MSc. in Mathematical Economics (Dipl. Math. oec.), University of Ulm
  • 1996: Doctoral Degree in Business Administration (Dr.rer.pol.), University of Ulm
  • 2001: Venia Docendi in Business Administration, University of Zurich

Employment and Affiliations

  • 1996-2001: Assistant Professor, University of Zurich
  • 2001/02: Visiting Professor, University of Vienna
  • 2002: Endowed Professor for Accounting and Managerial Control, University of Vienna
  • 2006: Visiting Scholar, Haas School of Business, University of Berkeley
  • 2007: Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, University of Stanford
  • 2010: Faculty of Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting and Taxation
  • 2013: Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, University of Stanford
  • 2015: Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon, funded by the Global Oregon Faculty Collaboration Fund
  • 2016 & 2017: Research stay, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Several short stays at the Department of Accounting and MIS, Ohio State University
  • Organizer of Summer School on Accounting with Christian Hofmann and Alexis H. Kunz
  • Verein für Socialpolitik, Ausschuss Unternehmensrechnung and Ausschuss Unternehmenstheorie und -politik


  • Various Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Control, Value based Management and Performance Measurement.

Research Interests

  • Accrual Accounting Information and Managerial Performance Measures
  • Transfer Prices and Internal Markets
  • Incentive System Design and Relative Performance Evaluation

Selected Publications

  • Th. Pfeiffer and G. Schneider. Residual Income based Compensation Plans for Controlling Investment Decisions under Sequential Private Information. Management Science, 2007.
  • Th. Pfeiffer, U. Schiller, and J. Wagner. Cost-based Transfer Pricing. Review of Accounting Studies, 2011.
  • A. Arya and Th. Pfeiffer. Manufacturer-Retailer Negotiations in the Presence of an Oligopolistic Input Market. Production and Operations Management, 2012.
  • S. Dikolli, Ch. Hofmann, and Th. Pfeiffer. Relative Performance Evaluation and Peer-Performance Summarization Errors. Review of Accounting Studies, 2012.
  • N. Bastian Johnson, Th. Pfeiffer, and G. Schneider. Multi-Stage Capital Budgeting for Shared Investments. Management Science, 2013.
  • E. Johnson, N. Bastian Johnson, and Th. Pfeiffer. Dual Transfer Pricing with Internal and External Trade. Review of Accounting Studies, 2016.
  • M. Kopel, C. Löffler, and Th. Pfeiffer. Sourcing Strategies of a Multi-Input-Multi-Product Firm. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016.
  • N. Bastian Johnson, Th. Pfeiffer, and G. Schneider. Two-Stage Capital Budgeting, Capital Charge Rates, and Resource Constraints. Review of Accounting Studies, 2017.
  • M. Kopel, C. Löffler, and Th. Pfeiffer. Complementary Monopolies and Multi-Product Firms. Economics Letters, 2017.
  • S. Dikolli, V. Diser, Ch. Hofmann, and Th. Pfeiffer. CEO Power and Relative Performance Evaluation. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018.
  • N. Bastian Johnson, C. Löffler, and Th. Pfeiffer. An Evaluation of Alternative Market-Based Transfer Prices. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018.
  • A. Arya, B. Mittendorf, and Th. Pfeiffer. Incentive Provision in Light of Expertise and Operational Involvement of Angel Investors. Production and Operations Management, 2021.
  • Ch. Hofmann, S. Huddart, and Th. Pfeiffer. An Analysis of Net-Outcome Contracting with Applications to Equity-Based Contracting. Review of Accounting Studies, 2022.
  • H. Chen and Th. Pfeiffer. Myopic Capital Market Concerns and Investment Incentives in Business Alliances. Review of Accounting Studies, 2023.
  • Q. Fan, N. Bastian Johnson, and Th. Pfeiffer. The Impact of Intrafirm Incentive Conflicts on the Interplay between Tax Incidence and Economic Efficiency. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2023.
  • D. Black, S. Dikolli, Ch. Hofmann, and Th. Pfeiffer. Estimating the Sensitivity of CEO Compensation to Gross versus Net Accounting Performance. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2023.


  • Th. Pfeiffer and L. Velthuis. Incentive System Design Based on Accrual Accounting: A Summary and Analysis. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2009.
  • N. Bastian Johnson and Th. Pfeiffer. Capital Budgeting and Divisional Performance Measurement. Foundations and Trends in Accounting, 2016.

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